About Keith Andries Horsemanship

About Keith Andries and Keith Andries Horsemanship Clinics.

Keith Andries is a horsemanship clinician and horse trainer inspired at a very young age by his grandfather Angus McRight who maintained a large herd of horses. He learned to communicate with, and appreciate the horse as a companion.

Always a trainer in his professional life, it was only natural that when he resumed his passion for horses, he would choose to share the information he learned with others.

The Keith Andries Horsemanship method of training is based on six basic philosophies. Leadership, direction, discipline, respect, trust, and companionship.

Keith Andries offers horsemanship clinics both at the Rose Hill Ranch as well as remote locations, and will be offering online training videos to make access to help even easier. Keith Andries horsemanship is a texas-based concern established in 2011 in Coldspring, Texas.

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