Individual horsemanship clinic success!

  • El Dorado clinic 1 Lunging paso fino
  • El Dorado clinic 2 Lunging paso fino
  • El Dorado clinic 3 Lunging paso fino
  • El Dorado clinic 4 Lunging paso fino
  • El Dorado clinic 5 Lunging paso fino
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Horsemanship clinic builds bond with horse and owner

An individual horsemanship clinic is a unique opportunity to get totally focused, one on one help for building the bond of respect and trust you want with your horse. Communication skills are established and refined between you and your horse, so you get the results you need and want from your training sessions with your horse. When you have a "trained eye" watching how you are communicating (or not) with your horse and providing instant feedback, you can learn more quickly how to speak a language your horse will understand. Frustration and confusion is replaced with knowledge and synergy, creating a connection between horse and rider that will give you the equine companion you may have thought only others could enjoy. So don't delay, schedule your own individual clinic or join others in a group clinic and let's get started! Visit my YouTube channel "Keith Andries Horsemanship" and watch all 5 of the videos with El Dorado for a glimpse of the results from this week. Be sure to subscribe and like my channel so you will get notifications of new videos! Here is one link to get you started, just copy and paste to your browser

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Originally Posted 5 years ago
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